Our Initiatives

Supporting the love of music at

Aaron's MILL

  • Musical Instrument Lending Library (MILL)
  • Professional recording and livestream studio
  • After-school programs

Meet and make music with others at our new location: 125 Stewart Blvd, Brockville, ON K6V 4W4

Open to everyone!

Spreading the joy of music with

Community Events

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Why We Do It

The Do it for Aaron charity was founded in loving memory of Aaron Stevenson after he tragically lost his life in 2013.

While he was still with us, Aaron taught us the true power that music can have, whether it be fostering community, igniting passion, or simply spreading joy.

Inspired by Aaron, DIFA's mission is to cultivate this power and use it to strengthen the community of Brockville.

By donating to the DIFA foundation, you will be helping us